About Us

Welcome to KONSUMO!

We are a chain of convenient stores (in small format) located throughout Mexico, offering the best service, product quality and much more.... Exclusive products, some brought directly from Europe!

We are committed to our customers, to be part of their lifestyle.

¡KONSUMO… the best!

Low prices and attractive products. We have an inventory of more than 6000 top brand-name products (more than double the average in the sector). We constantly are growing and continue with our expansion plans… Coming soon… a KONSUMO near you.

Thanks to this business growth strategy, both “organic” and through “acquisitions,” our vision is to be the next leader in the field within Mexico and Latin America.

Our values include a commitment to our customers, suppliers, friends, and the general public to be a responsible business with an attractive image, vast experience (more than 40 years in retail), providing the widest assortment and quality of products, but most importantly…

Commitment to service!

Get in touch: info@konsumo.com.mx